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Expectations as an Auxiliar

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To be honest, when I first applied to the Auxiliar program I didn't fully know what to expect at all. I have several friends who have been with the program for years and they have only ever had good things to say, however I had no previous experience as a teacher or even working/interacting with children at all!

I had been working at a corporate multinational in Chile and eventually found myself unfulfilled and unhappy in my position. I returned home to Ireland after several years and began looking online for work as an English teacher in Madrid. One of my friends recommended the program to me so I sent my application - Lucky for me I was seen as a suitable candidate and after several weeks of waiting and filling out applications I was off to Spain!

At first I was worried that, having never taught English or organised my own classes, I wouldn't be capable of being an assistant and would be a burden to my main teacher, the ever patient and skillful Ms. Pilar Salcedo. To my pleasant surprise, I now always have an important role in teaching English in my class and with some teachers I work with I feel as if I am the co-teacher in the classroom, rather than a backround shadow who occasionaly speaks up. I have learned quite a lot working alongside experienced teachers and feel privileged to have the position which I have. I also feel I have had a positive impact on my students and I take pride in seeing their English levels improve over the course of the year.

I've enjoyed immensely the atmosphere of the classroom, our projects and also our school trips, for example when we went to visit the botanical gardens and enjoyed a classical music concert in Retiro park. Trips like these help students develop a passion for art and I feel that they are a vital part of their education. These activities are great for students as it allows them to experience interesting and unique locations and, with me along, they can see English as something that is fun which in turn makes them more keen to improve upon their abilities.

Overall being an assistant has been a fantastic and beneficial experience which has helped me develop professionally and personally. I am therefore continuing as an assistant for a second year and I look forward to seeing my students continue to thrive in their studies of the English language..

A warm Hello

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My name is Niall Barnwall McGuire and I hail from the misty, soggy yet wonderful land of Tipperary in the south of Ireland! I've been teaching English for just over 5 months now as an Auxiliar de Conversación in Madrid and, thus far, have found it a truly wonderful experience. I started working as an Auxiliar after spending 2 1/5 years living and working in Chile in South America and was eager to get involved once more in Latin culture.

My hobbies include Music(I have 10 years experience playiung the drums), reading and traveling. I love experiencing different countries and cultures and teaching has enabled me to fulfill all these desires for which I am very grateful.

I have a passion for teaching English and my core belief is that learning a foreign language should be fun and rewarding! I hope you enjoy reading my blog and gain an understanding to my philosophy as an English teacher

All the best & a very warm hello,